Faces of
Pulau Lang Tengah

Pulau Lang Tengah is a small postcard island with only 3 resorts located halfway between Perhentian Island and Pulau Redang.

Pulau Kapas

Pulau Kapas is a small island located only about 6km off Marang in the east coast state of Terengganu (about 1h north of Kuala Terengganu). It has quite and relaxed atmosphere because it is bypassed by the majority of the backpacker circuit looking for a more remote place like the Perhentian Islands. Pulau Kapas only get fairly busy on the weekends when locals come to island. There are a few good snorkeling spots around the island. All accommodations and beach are on the west coast facing the mainland. The west coast is the weather side has no sand beach, only rocks - it can be reached after a short walk through the jungle. Pulau Kapas shuts down during the monsoon season between November and February.

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KL Tips

Do Butterfly, Orchid, Bird & Deer Park at the Lake Gardens (can be done in one day),
Petronas Towers are good & free but only 10min up there on the bridge - recommend you spend the RM20 for the KL Tower with its 360 degree view and free audio guide once up there. We did it at night for beautiful city lights).
Go to FRIM and do the canopy Walk just take lots of water, wear covered Shoes & bug spray. Not for those who don’t lik heights (the canopy walk is 30m high & sways!)

By Charlotte & David on Apr 01, 2008

Red Palm

Red Palm. Just chill all day while you wait for you connecting flight out of KL. That what we did after spending months in Asia. It almost feels like we were home already.

By Liam on Apr 01, 2008

Chiling Waterfall

If you’re looking to escapre the city for the day, highly recommend taking Mr. Yen’s day tour to Chiling Waterfall - An amazing spot, you can swim in the rock pool, after an easy 1 hour hike though the jungle to reach it ... you also get to visit a Buddhist temple, Hot Springs & see the beautiful Malaysian countryside!
Mr Yen & his mate Taddi are fun & make you feel right at home.

By Jerome (Ireland) on Apr 01, 2008

Malay Food

1 tip for the backpackers (the hungry ones): probably the best Malay restaurant in town: “Seraya Asia”
Adress: Medan Pasar (close to Central Market), next to HSBC Bank.

Great Stay at Red Palm, Great time in Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown, Petronas Twins, Lake Gardens….

By Jean, Greg, Charles, Remy & Manu on Apr 01, 2008

Shopping at KLCC and Times Square

Good english bookshops selling cheap books (relative to north american prices).
Also, go over to Jalan Alor and try night hawker food - they’re open til 4am!

By Carolyn from Canada on Apr 01, 2008

Luna Bar

Go Luna Bar in KL at night.
Order one drink or anything else and enjoy the night.

By anonymous on Apr 01, 2008

Kuala Gandha - Elephant Sanctuary

Book a tour (2-6 people ca.RM400 altogether)to the sanctuary close to Lanceng. Don’t expect a personal and intimate session, but still it is nice that someone thinks about these animals after they had been chased away by humans. You see a short docu, feeding them yourself, a short ride on their back and bathing (with) them.

By Sebastian on Apr 01, 2008

Thean Hou Buddhist Temple

Go to Thean Hou Budddhist Temple - it’s exceptional. Get ther for 5-6 o’clock and watch the sun set from the temple roof over the Kuala Lumpur skyline - wonderful!
Also the temple is lit up at night.

By Chris on Apr 01, 2008

KL was great, the Red Palm is the place to stay! We will come back again. We would rather live here, it’s better than Bangkok. All the best!

By Ollie & Nic on Apr 01, 2008

Craft Complex

Spend a lazy few hours at the craft complex. Find the Batik hut and create wax pictures onto Silk (20 Ringgit) or cotton (15 Ringgit). Great souvenir for your Granny!
Plus the girls in the hut are super nice. RM8-10 by taxi or a fair walk.

By Ree on Apr 01, 2008


I rent a taxi to go to the zoo. Very far from KL. But the animals are so interesting. It’s worth you pay a short visit there RM15 for the ticket, RM50 for 3hours taxi rental.

By SH (China) on Apr 01, 2008

to change Travellers Cheques

It’s better to change “Amex” in the shopping malls than in the HSBC-Bank.

By Claus on Apr 01, 2008

Surfing Bali, Lombok

Since everyone is talking about Indo… In Bali if you plan to surf, don’t rent a board bz the beach. Rent one from a shop a few blocks back. It’s best to rent one for multiple days and travel around with it.
Go to Kuta, Lombok!!! (eat at Ashtari up the hill) Nusa Lembongan has cool break or 3 as well. If you go to either bring cash. In Lombok, start off with “Insides” at Grupuk and work your way up from there. Nusa Lembongan… Shipwreck is great. Mind the current. Both are super quiet and beautiful.

By anonymous on Apr 01, 2008

Flying to Bali?

Take a window seat on the right side of the plane (the door side) and you will see Melaka and Singapore form the cloud’s point of view.

By anonymous on Apr 01, 2008

If you go to Putrajaya, there is a bus tour trip. they have guide for all trips, stop when you want to take a photo, and, first of all, the price of the trip is only RM1!!! you can find the ticket counter at the downstairs out of the Putra Mosque, ask the security guard in the square, they will tell you how to find this.

By anonymous on Apr 01, 2008


If you fancy doing a trip to Bali, go Air Asia from KL. It is really cheap and Bali is amazing. We stayed in a place called “Abian Biue” - just on the outskirts of Kuta. Hire a scooter and travel the island on your own… Check out the touks and then do it yourself! This way you won’t get taken to overpriced restaurants by drivers wanting petrol tokens. Plus always carry your international drivers license & Bike papers. But don’t woory too much if you forget coz you can bribe the police (50,000 Indonesian Rupiah, about 2.50 Pounds) - mid month they are always looking to make some extra cash! “Happy travelling”

By Claire on Apr 01, 2008


FRIM (Forestry Resarch Institute of Malaysia) is great way to spend an afternoon. If you want to do the Canopy Walk (recommended) it closes at 2:30pm. Take an extra T-shirt and lots of water. RM5 to get in and RM5 to do canopy walk. You can get off at Kepong KTM station if taking train. Happy Travels

By Josephine on Apr 01, 2008

Avoid Al-Esfau on Jalan Imbi! (It is somehow recommended on Wikitravel).
1) will rip you off
2) better food and same price on Jalan Alor and at bottom of BB Plaza (if open).
3) Needles to say service was terrible.
Definitely try Assam Laksa and Nasi Lemak somewhere.

By Quel on Apr 01, 2008

If you go up the Menara KL (KL Tower), I’d recommend going during the day (if it’s clean air) as it is difficult to see many of the buildings at night.
Finally, if oyu want reasonable accommodations plus a flight, check out the package deals on airasia.com

By Natulu on Apr 01, 2008

Jalan Alor

Try out Jalan Alor during night time. They have lots of food! Different variety. But sure to look around before eating :)

By Erik on Apr 01, 2008

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Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Raizzy’s Guesthouse

Guesthouse / Hostel in Chinatown right next to to the Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple

Suzie’s Guest House KL

Guesthouse / Hostel in Chinatown


Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple, Kuala Lumpur

Founded in 1873, the Sri Mahamariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur. It is situated at edge of Chinatown on Jalan Tun H.S.Lee (fomerly Jalan Bandar / High Street).

FRIM, Kuala Lumpur

The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) promotes sustainable management and optimal use of forest resources in Malaysia. There is a canopy walk and nature trails through the dense forest among other things