ETS Train Route: Alor Setar - Butterworth - Ipoh - KL

The modern electrified train service along the west coast of the Peninsula connecting the border to Thailand (Padang Besar) with Kuala Lumpur and beyond

ETS Trains

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Time Table (PDF) (as of 12/2019)

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Train Classes

  • ETS Platinum (fewer stop at the stations)
  • ETS Gold (stops at selected stations)
  • ETS Silver (stops at every station along the way)

Train Layouts

ETS Set Routes Facilities
  • Padang Besar – Gemas – Padang Besar
  • KL Sentral – Padang Besar – KL Sentral
  • Gemas – Butterworth – Gemas
  • KL Sentral – Butterworth – KL Sentral
  • 312 seats
  • speed max 140 km/h
  • Musollah (prayer room)
  • Cluster seat (2 set in each coach)
  • Café
  • 3 toilets located at Coach B, E & D
  • KL Sentral – Ipoh – KL Sentral
  • 350 seats
  • Speed max 140 km/h
  • 4 toilets located at Coach B&E
  • Café
  • LCD TV
  • CCTV

CSR Seat Layout
CSR Seat Layout

Rotem Seat Layout
Rotem Seat Layout

ETS Train Connection KL - Alor Setar

travel time: 4h30min to 4h50min
ticket prices: RM98 (Platinium), RM70 (Gold)
Kuala Lumpur stop: KL Sentral
Alor Setar stop: Alor Setar railway station

ETS Train Connection KL - Ipoh

Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh are also connected by train (along the Singapore - Bangkok route). The route was upgraded in 2010 and is served by the national carrier KTM as “ETS” (Electric Train Service).
The historic train station in Ipoh is an relic of the colonial times just as the Old Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur (which not used for long-distance trains anymore).

travel time: 2h to 2h30min
Kuala Lumpur stop: KL Sentral
Ipoh stop: Ipoh Railway Station

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Kuala Lumpur - Ipoh
Ipoh - Kuala Lumpur

ETS Route Map