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Largest island of Malaysias east coast. It’s located 32km off the coast and is some 20km long and 12km wide and the highest peak is Gunung Kajang with 1038m. In the 70ies TIME magazine selected Tioman as one the world’s most beautiful islands but lost some flair in recent years due to do development. The island has eight main villages, many beaches and is densely forested and is surrounded by numerous coral reefs, making it a scuba diving haven.


Singapore is an island nation located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. At 704.0 sqkm (272 square miles), it is one of the few city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia.



air-conditioners.jpg, The KL Tower is watching you.
The KL Tower is watching you.

scene in the Imbi area of Kuala Lumpur: air-conditioners and kitchen exhaust pipes

photo: 2018
Melaka River, Melaka River
Melaka River
Melaka River