Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday

The Sultan of Selangor's Birthday is a public holiday in the state of Perak.

Selangor is a state at the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, surrounding Kuala Lumpur.

Selangor is one of the royal Malay States. The nine royal states of Malaysia are: Kedah, Kelantan, Johor, Perlis, Pahang, Selangor,  Terengganu, Perak and Negeri Sembilan.

Selangor is a constitutional monarchy and the current Sultan of Selangor is: Sharafuddin (since 2001)


Next / Recent Occurances:

2015: Dec 11 (Fri)
2016: Dec 11 (Sun)
2017: Dec 11 (Mon)
The Sultan of Selangor's Birthday is always celebrated on December 11.

royal palace Klang
the royal palace in Klang
(photo: Lunofabo on Wikipedia)


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