Hari Gawai

Public Holiday in Sarawak in Borneo. It marks the end of the harvesting season and is celebrated by the Dayak communities. Dayak is a collective terrm for several local ethic group, like Iban (Sea Dayak), Bidayuh (Land Dayak) and Orang Ulu (Kelabit, Kenyahs, Lun Bawangs) and other smaller groups.

Gawai Dayak (Wikipedia)

Next / Recent Occurances:
2019: 1 & 2 June  (Sat, Sun) - Public Holiday on 3 ofJjune
2020: 1 & 2 June (Mon, Tue)
2021:1 & 2 June  (Tue, Wed) 

Hari Gawai is always celebrated on June 1 and 2

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