Malay Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur, literally Mixed Rice, is a buffet-style arrangement of various Malay dishes
food style, restaurant type | Malay
everything and anything, many dishes are based on coconut milk, curry, soy and/or oyster sauce

Where to find?
Malay restaurants and stalls during lunch hours

Malay restaurants usually served Nasi Campur (malay for “mixed rice”) for lunch. Depending on the size of the restaurant the buffet can have from 10 to up to 100 different dishes. The ingredients for the dishes are bought early in the morning in the wet markets and the dishes are prepared in the morning. The dishes include everything from meat (chicken, beef, lamb), fish, vegetables, eggs and more - prepared in different styles. You get your plate of white rice (Nasi Putih) and you can add whatever you like to the plate. The price depends on the amount of different dishes added to the plate. To spice up the meal there are different types of sauces which can be added to the side of the plate or in a little bowl. The most popular sauce is the super spicy Sambal Belacan, which is made of shrimp paste, chilis, lime and vinegar.
Traditionally, Nasi Campur is eaten with the right hand but spoons and forks are also available for those less adventurous. Locals believe the food will have a better taste when eaten by hand.