Banana Leaf Rice

This typical southern Indian rice dish is served on a banana leaf with a variety of vegetable and gravies and, optionally, meat
Vegetarian, main dish | Indian

common gravy options:
Dhal (chickpea/lentil based gravy), Curry sauce, Rasam (tamarind juiced based sauce), yogurt

Banana leaf rice sets come with a wide variety of vegetables, it differs from day to day and restaurant to restaurant. Popular veggies are spinach, potatoes, raw cucumber and onions etc. This makes banana leaf rice a great vegetarian dish. Of course, any Indian restaurant has a variety of fried meats that can be added to the set.
It is also common to add Papadum - a thin, crisp Indian cracker.

Banana Leaf Rice is traditionally eaten by using your (right) hand instead of cutleries and served on a banana leaf (hence the name).

Banana Leaf Rice set
Banana Leaf Rice set
Banana Leaf Rice set
Banana Leaf Rice is commonly eaten with hands
Banana Leaf Rice set
a restaurant-style set with the individual side dishes in stainless steel bowls
Banana Leaf Rice set
these Banana Leaf sets are served on green paper instead of the actual banana leaves
Banana Leaf Rice set
stainless steel containers with the vegetables