Turtle Alley (Lorong Penyu)

Narrow lane in Chinatown (Kampung Cina) that has been beautified and themed witn art works about turtle to remind us of the endangered status of turtles that nest at the beaches of Terengganu

some of the trivia that is exhibited at Turtle Alley:

  • Leatherback turtles in Terengganu have declined by 99,9%
  • two critically endagered freshwater turtles are found in Terengganu
  • 4 marine turtle species used to nest in Terengganu. Today, only the green turtles occurs in good numbers
  • Turtles mistake plastic bags for food. Keep our beaches and oceans clean!
  • Marine turtles can swim up to 10km/hour
  • The backbone and rib cage of the turtle are embedded in its shell
  • Marine turtles can lay between 30-250 eggs in one nest. They nest several times in one nesting season
  • Turtles cannot breathe underwater. They drown when caught in fishing nets
  • The world's oldest living animal is a 178-year old tortoise