Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site located 90km from Kota Kinabalu, offers jungles trekking and climbing Mount Kinabalu - the tallest mountain in the Malay Archipelago at 4,095 metres.

Kinabalu Nationa Park

Getting There:
1-2h bus ride from Kota Kinabalu - direct mini buses or long distance buses to Ranau, Sandakan or Tawau (will pass by the park entrance)
6h bus ride from Sandakan

Entrance Fee:
RM15 adults, RM10 children (for Malaysians: RM3, RM1)
additional RM120 fee for climbing Mount Kinabalu

Accommodation at Kinabalu National Park
Kinabalu Mountain Lodge
D’Villa Rina Ria Lodge

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Mount Kinabalu Climb

  • highest mountain in Malaysia at 4095m
  • best weather around April, high season: around Chinese Year (Jan or Feb), April - June
  • during rainy season (November, December) and bad weather the climb to the summit may not be allowed
  • temperatur ranges from 25 degrees as at the base to 0 degrees at the top
  • only 135 climbing permits issued per day, best to book well ahead
  • climb to summit: 8.72km (day: 6km to Laban Rata (4-5h), day 2: 2.72km ascent to summit (3h))
  • recommended to climb around full moon as it illuminates the rope that marks the path
  • the climb doesn't require climbing skills, just a good general fitness
  • two main routes: Timpohon Gate (6 km to Laban Rata, closes at 10.30am) and Mersilau (8 km to Laban Rata)
  • most climbers take 2 days for the trip with an overnight break in Laban Rata (altitude 2700m)
  • not all accommodations are heated and it can get cold in Laban Rata
  • to catch the sunrise at the summit most climbers begin the ascend at 2.30am from Laban Rata
  • be careful, higher slopes can be slippery way down: second breakfast at Laban Rata, lunch at Park HQ


  • cheaping was to self-organize the climb including all fees (permit, guide, accomodation, transport, etc.): from about RM1500
  • cheaper if you travel in a group so you can share to cost of the guides and transport
  • most people opt to book tours in advance
  • only 135 climbing permits issued per day, best to book well ahead
  • 3D2N bookings (from RM1800 / Malaysian: RM1400) have higher priority over 2D1N (from RM1300 / Malaysian: RM1200)
  • more information here: Climbing Mt. Kinabalu on a budget

Accommodation in Laban Rata

  • Lemaing Hut
    hostel type accommodation, can accommodate 30 persons, close to Laban Rata Resthouse
  • Laban Rata Resthouse
    main facility, heated accommodation, the only restaurant in Laban Rata

Further Information


Mount Kinabalu virtual walk
If you think you will be the first one to climb Mount Kinabalu, think again. The cameras of Google Street have been here before. image: Google Street View

lower peak (south peak)