Jungle Walks - Trail 9A

There are 13 Trails in and around Tanah Rata and Brinchang, varying from a few hours to full-day, to explore the Cameron Highlands rainforest yourself. Track 9A starts out at the western end of Tanah Rata und passes the Robinson Falls.

Most guesthouses provide maps with the trails but maps can also be bought in shops in Tanah Rata. Trail 9A takes about half day and you end up on the main road south, and downhill, of Tanah Ratah. Here you can wait at the bus stop for the next bus up or take the small road (there is an intersection) left (south-east) to get to the Boh Tea Garden (about 5km) either by walking or more conveniently hitchhiking. If you get there before 3.30pm you can also do a free tour of the tea factory.