Juara Bay

bay on the east coast of Tioman. Quiet and beautiful spot being the only the place to stay on the eastern side of the island.
Juara Bay, looking south
  • only beach on the east coast of Pulau Tioman
  • wide sandy beach, no rocks or dead corals like the western side beaches
  • not crowded as the other side
  • sunrise beach
  • during moosoon season (November to February), Juara turns into surfing destination (surf gets up to 15 feet), Tioman Surf Forecast, Tioman Surf Festival
  • there is a turtle conservation center at Kampung Juara (Juara Turtle Project JTP), turtle nesting season: March to October
  • Mersing ferries don't stop at Juara, so you need to get off at Tekek and go by 4WD taxi across the island to Juara
  • taxi fare (Tekek - Juara): 25 ringgit person, double if you are the only passenger
  • only accessable by 4WD from Tekek or privat speedboat from Genting, or for the hardcore travelers by a 3hours trek across the mountainous interiour
  • because of it's isolation Juara is less crowded than Salang, Tekek or Paya Beach

Juara Turtle Project (JTP)
Juara Turtle Project (JTP) - sea turtle conservation center
photo courtesy: www.tioman.org

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Juara (JourneyMalaysia.com)

Juara Bay
view from the jetty