Beserah Fishing Village

Kampung Nelayan Beserah / Kampung Rumbia, 26100 Pahang, Malaysia
Fishing Village located about 8km north of Kuantan facing the South China Sea. It is famous for handicrafts made of shells and coconuts and seafood and its peaceful charm of the old times.
wooden Chinese shophouses

The village still has the charme of the old times with Kampung houses, wooden shop-houses, coconut trees and fishing barns. The villages is fronted by a long fine sand beach. A famous local food specialty is Mee Chalong.

fishing barn
abandoned fishing barn

the beach on a rainy monsoon day in February

path leading up to the beach
path leading up to the beach

palm trees
one of those tranquil scenes that reward you for coming to Kampung Beserah

seafood shop
inside a shop selling seafood products like fresh fish, dried squid and Keropok